Hip Pain- Greater Trochanteric Pain Syndrome

The Often Misdiagnosed Cause

Having strong, pain-free hips, is integral to daily activity and maintaining a good quality of life. In the physio clinic we often see people with pain around the outside of their hips, which has normally been going on for a while and often misdiagnosed and poorly managed.


Pain around the outside of the hip (near the pocket of your trousers) can often be Greater Trochanteric Pain Syndrome (GTPS), this normally presents with pain which is aggravated by walking, running, climbing stairs, cycling, laying on your affected hip, or pressing on the outside of your hip bone (the greater trochanter). Pain is often caused by irritation to the gluteal tendon and/or the bursa.


This is a common problem and can be very debilitating and have huge effects on lifestyle and overall wellness of people suffering with this pain. It generally effects women (1 in 4) more than men and normally occurs in the population aged 50-75.


This type of hip pain is often poorly managed with medication.


Recent studies have come out showing the benefits of graded exercise (Clifford et al, 2019) showing 65% of people getting better following an exercise program. Studies have been done in the past have shown that there is better outcomes with exercises rather than cortisone injections at 15 months (Rompe et al, 2009).


In the clinic we focus on calming down the area first with appropriate rest, life style and postural modifications (stopping crossing legs when sitting for example). Manual therapy to ease the pain, and a graded individualised exercise programme, which will help to build strength in the area and facilitate the recovery. Progressing to overall strength and conditioning which the patient can carry out at home to help maintain the issue and stop it rearing it’s ugly head again!


Please make contact and ask any questions if this is effecting you or some one you know, there are ways and means of recovering and it’d be our pleasure to help!

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