Back Pain

Beating Back Pain Takes a Holistic Approach


Over half of us will at some point experience back pain. Many suffer from frequent flare-ups of pain, which can be debilitating and takes weeks sometimes months to resolve.


Firstly we will go though your full history of your back pain, injuries, flare up patterns, scans, lifestyle (including sleep patterns etc.) and your general medical history. This is will give us a good idea about what the influencing factors of your back pain are, when this seems hazy we will get you to make a diary of your pain, and help to identify contributing factors.

We will then carry out a physical assessment, looking at ease of movement, posture, functional movement and movement habits/ compensations.

During this assessment we will be keeping in mind anything that may need further review and scans, but thankfully this is rarely the case.

Then we will make a plan! We use our wealth of experience and up to date research to formulate a progressive treatment plan! This will revolve around your personal daily demands and your goals!

We take great pride and joy in getting our patients back doing the things they love as quickly as possible!!

During your treatment you may receive “corrective” exercises, a strengthening plan, and flexibility programme and manual therapy to help you along the way, alongside in depth education about your pain and learning how to manage flare-ups. We then aim to enhance your health and performance to get you achieving your goals and doing the things you love with out the worry of back pain!



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