Developing an exercise routine

We are all (the normal ones) guilty of falling out of the habit of exercise, and then struggling to get back on the wagon again.

A big part of this is the ability to develop routine and then stick to it, and equally finding something that we enjoy and get something out of, not just sore muscles and heartburn.

Knowing when you perform best is a big part of developing a good exercise routine, as you are more likely to be consistent at these times.

Accounting to Dr. Elise Facer-Childs, we can be divided into categories depending on our peak times of performance: Larks, the early raisers; Owls, the ones who can pull all nighters; and Humminbirds the annoying types who seem to have endless energy..

Here’s a quiz from the Australian Sleep Health Foundation which helps you determine your optimal time for physical performance or mentally changeling tasks, and help you organise your routine around these peak periods!…/Activity%20-%20M…